Most Common Types of Trucking Services in the Philippines

November 29, 2022

Whether it be shopping online, or walking into a traditional brick and mortar store; there are many ways that products get to homes and stores all over the Philippines such as Sea freight and air freight. But this article will discuss what is probably the most commonly observed mode of shipping not only in the Philippines but around the world: Trucking.trucking serviceOn the surface, trucking may not seem all that complex since it usually entails moving shipments from point a to point b. But let me assure you, just as there are many different categories of products that require different methods of shipping. So too are there many different trucking services that specialize in transporting different types of cargo throughout the Philippines.

Private Fleets

Private fleets are a type of trucking services usually employed by manufacturing companies in the Philippines who wish to exercise fine control over their products’ distribution and supply chain. Drivers who work for private fleets are usually paid higher and more experienced, however the main disadvantage of a private fleet is that the job security of this type of trucking service is heavily dependent on the health of the parent company.

For Hire Truckload Carriers

Unlike private fleets, for hire trucking services devote the entirety of their resources to the delivery of freight, usually by contracting their services to companies that manufacture products. This means that trucking companies like these are versatile and have the ability to ship different types of cargo as opposed to private fleets which are most likely highly specialized to a specific type of product. However, the main downside is that competition for contracts is often fierce.

Dry Van Trucker

This type of trucking service is meant for transporting dry, nonperishable, easy-to-move cargo, thus it is a great starting point for new drivers as it doesn’t require any specialized knowledge or equipment.


Flatbed Trucker

Equipped with an open air trailer, these trucking services specialize in the transport of heavy or unusually shaped vehicles, equipment or cargo. This requires specialized knowledge of securing such shipments via long chains, straps or tarps. The driver also needs to have familiarity with the cargo that they are supposed to ship. Consequently, the risk involved and degree of specialization required to haul heavy machinery and oddly shaped cargo makes this type of trucking service more expensive.

Tanker Trucker

Usually specialized in carrying liquid goods such as chemicals or fuel, drivers who operate under this trucking service need to be careful and have an understanding of how to safely and properly unload liquids as the nature of their cargo can be very hazardous.

Long Haul Trucker

Probably one of the most labor intensive trucking services, it usually requires two drivers sharing a cab so they can take shifts as they traverse long distances throughout the Philippines to get cargo to its destination in a timely manner.

Household Movers

As the name implies, this trucking service is a hybrid between manual labor and the transport of household furniture and appliances. Unlike other types of trucking services, you can opt to move your things yourself by renting a truck in order to save on labor costs.

Refrigerated Freight Hauler

The opposite of a Dry Van Trucker, this trucking service specializes in transporting food and other products that require low temperatures. Thus the driver needs to have expertise in managing and keeping track of the temperature of the cargo. Especially in a hot and humid climate such as that of the Philippines. Additionally, careful consideration needs to be taken to ensure the most efficient and effective route as deliveries of this nature are extremely time sensitive.

In conclusion, though this is by no means an exhaustive list of the types of trucking services in the Philippines. Want to learn more? Get in touch with us today for more information about our services.