Holiday Shopping Chaos Explained: How the Holiday Season Affects the Supply Chain in the Philippines?

November 24, 2022

For a while now, the pandemic has disrupted supply chains and logistics services around the world. This has meant shortages for everything from technology such as gadgets and computer components to even basic necessities such as food and medical supplies. But as the world gradually recovers from this time of crisis, hopefully, supply chains and logistics companies in the Philippines as well as the entire world will be able to properly stock shelves given enough time. However, just in case you may still find shopping difficult- especially for the fast-approaching holidays, here’s a brief overview of factors that affect supply chains and logistics services during the holiday season.

The Holiday Season is Often a Period of Extremes

Let’s get the big one out of the way. Of all the factors that can affect a logistics company in the Philippines, the many extremes that we have to face during this time of the year perhaps take the biggest toll on their ability to keep the country’s supply chain running smoothly.
This could be anything from extreme weather conditions that the Philippines is notorious for, which can make roads dangerous to navigate for trucking services, and scramble communications for freight forwarders making it difficult for them to coordinate shipments, thereby causing delays. Additionally, the extreme spike in consumer demand for holiday related products make it difficult for logistics services to keep up a consistent supply.

Prolonged Increased Expenses

Other than shortages of goods, and delays in shipping for trucking services and freight forwarders throughout the Philippines. The country is facing unprecedented economic struggle, with inflation and prices for even basic commodities skyrocketing to never before seen levels. Overall, this all-time economic low has affected both logistics companies as well as the people of the Philippines alike.


New Opportunities for Small Local Businesses

Look on the bright side for a change. The rise of online shopping has allowed smaller businesses, or even just ordinary Filipinos with a great idea, the opportunity to get their products out there. Thanks to the internet allowing easier access to the services of Logistics companies in the Philippines, like freight forwarders and trucking services to help get their products in the hands of consumers throughout the Philippines

The Bottom Line

This is by no means an extensive list of reasons why supply chains and logistics services may experience delays, especially during the holidays. However, hopefully, you have a better understanding of why holiday shopping has been rather difficult as of late.
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