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Contract Logistics

What is Contract Logistics?

Contract logistics is a specialized service that involves outsourcing of distribution and fulfillment services to a third-party company. It is a comprehensive process combining traditional logistics and supply chain management, developed to improve resource management tasks such as order processing, inventory control, warehousing, transportation and distribution management as well as the integration of information flow within a business. Contract logistics is an indispensable service to create sustainable competitive advantage especially for companies operating on the international scene.

Why Partner with a Contract Logistics Provider?

Logistics throughout the years has evolved from being a mere transportation of goods to a much more complicated process. Today, it needs a specialized solution to manage logistics and to achieve profitability and overall success. As a contract logistics provider, Metro Combined Logisitics Solutions Inc. is geared to help you meet your business needs.

MCLSI is made up of qualified professionals who dedicate themselves to provide a comprehensive process that ensures the efficiency of production, management, distribution and transportation of goods at the final point of sale. With an extensive track record, we provide only world-class quality for your business through logistics that is simple, comprehensive, and trustworthy.