Make Your Own Success Story with a 3PL Company

May 18, 2021

Picture this: You are a leading sports apparel distributor. You have an established consumer community, and you have solid years backing you up to be one of the largest sportswear manufacturers in the world. Every Black Friday sale, however, your issue is not about getting sales but on being able to deliver your products to the buyers. You have enough stocks but not enough logistics prowess to deliver the items in less than 12 days. And yes, you go by the name of PUMA. What did PUMA actually do? Partnered with a 3PL company. Now they are shipping 97% of their items within 24 hours.

This success story can be yours, too.

What is a 3PL company?

Third-Party Logistics – Logistics, according to Merriam-Webster, means “the things that must be done to plan and organize a complicated activity that involves many people.” A 3PL company then is an outsourced company hired to manage the logistics operations which can involve all or one of the following: freight management, public or contract warehousing, distribution management, and freight consolidation. An easy definition could be the helping hand that will make a company’s logistics process simpler and more effective.

What services are offered by a 3PL company?

The services vary according to the type of 3PL company and the needs of the partner company. Below are some types and the corresponding services they offer.

  1. Supply Management and Logistics. This involves planning, procuring, coordinating, and transporting materials for the partner company. The 3PL company meets the set time and place to ensure the accomplishment of the partner’s operational tasks.
  2. Distribution and Material Management. This mainly involves the transportation of goods to the designated location. Stocks management is also kept on track.
  3. Production Logistics and Management. This type covers product management that deals with combining the distributed supplies into a finished product.
  4. Reverse Logistics and Product Return. This covers the management of reclaiming materials from production. This may involve product returns from consumers and excess materials from the production warehouse.

Are there 3PL companies in the Philippines?

Need you ask! There are a lot of 3PL companies in the Philippines and most – if not all -- of them are promising. You must just find the right match to make your logistics operations simpler. It helps to know if the company is ISO-certified, as that recognition will speak for itself. As I have mentioned, PUMA’s success story can be yours too.