Distribution Services in the Philippines: How your Goods Get to You

October 29, 2020

Whatever commercial good you are enjoying right now got to your hand only with the help of distribution services. In the Philippines, the supply chain is so pivotal especially because it makes goods from all over the archipelago accessible to everyone else. If you are interested in learning how the supply chain goes from production to your consumption, read on.


Raw Materials and Refinement

Everything stars here whatever the product is. Food, gadgets, apparel—all of them start as raw material. After the necessary materials are gathered, they are then processed. Sand is turned to glass. Wood is turned to lumber, paper, or carton. Sugar canes are refined into brown and white sugar.


Brand Intervention

Sometimes, the refined goods become the products by themselves but other times, they are bought in bulk by companies that assemble them and turn them into more complex goods. A brand can gather a  plastic, glass, and fine metal work to create phones and computers. Another brand may gather sugar, salat, flour, and fruits to mass produce cakes. Even in this step, distribution services in the Philippines already play an important role in getting refined materials to where they are needed to be gathered and be further assembled into advanced items.


Transportation and Warehousing

The next important part is getting the items from production lines like factories to the customers. While this sounds pretty straight forward, the amount of items cannot just be dropped into malls and markets; there has to be some form of warehousing intervention else our malls will seem like bodegas and their parking lots abound with trucks. Huge scale distribution of commercial goods should flow like a funnel and the funnel starts here; big trucks carry big amounts of goods to warehouses where small trucks pic up reasonable amounts to distribute to stores.


Commercial Distribution

The distribution service ends when the goods get to the store. In the Philippines, that could mean malls, markets, online sellers, restaurants, shops, and more. After they reach the desired retailer, getting customers to buy them becomes a marketing and sales concern, and no longer of distribuition.


To you, buying a product means walking into an store and then walking out with it. In truth, whatever it is that you have purchased has undergone the long, tedious, and complex adventure that we call the supply chain. Hopefully, this article will help you appreciate every purchase you make that much more.