3 Tips: Freight to the Philippines on Christmas

November 26, 2020

Sea freight to the Philippines is a long process. For instance, the logistics company will collect the goods from the supplier. The packages are moved to the port and pass through customs. Once cleared, the boxes are loaded into a container, and then put onto a cargo ship to be delivered. Upon the arrival of cargos to our country, they are once checked by customs and then distributed to delivery services to be sent to the recipients.


This coming holidays, many businesses and even residents rely on sea freight to deliver goods and gifts necessary for their operations and celebrations. However, as per customers, when the holiday season arrives, freight delays often occur. This is not surprising as holidays are the busiest time of the year for international courier and they are faced with great pressure to meet the expectations of Christmas. Hence, we’re giving you tips on how to be not caught up between these holiday delays!


  1. Book your shipping order in advance. Be confident that your parcels will arrive on or before your required shipping date by booking two months in advance.
  2. Find a provider that allows for holidays. We highly recommend contacting sea freight companies in the Philippines that have shipping timelines that allows public holiday dock and customs closures.
  3. Pre-clear goods. Save more time by pre-clearing your goods. Doing so will let you skip customs delays upon arrival and plan efficient transport from the dock.


No one likes delays especially when it comes to sea freight companies in the Philippines. Avoid being caught up in this busy holiday season by practicing these tips. Last note, don’t forget to trust a reliable freight forwarder to ensure that your holiday delivery needs will be met.